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Koffeure aims to create the trendsetters of tomorrow.Makeup and hair styling represent unique forms of creativity and expression and help define the persona and style of an individual.
  • Core & Advanced Techniques in Cuts &Colours
  • Allows students to experiment
  • Enables students to demonstrate precision cutting
  • Trains students to be MASTER STYLISTS
  • Enhances their finish
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Our Courses

There are many Courses options available to the students after successful completion of this course, especially in the private sector.

Haircut & Styling
Fast track your career. The ultimate introduction to hairdressing. [...]


Individuals completing this qualification will possess a sound theoretical [...]


Koffeure Training Academy aims to provide scientific and systematic training [...]

Skin Care

Are you passionate about your skin? Are you interested in science, health, and beauty? Then you may want [...]

Body Treatment

This course empowers the candidates with all the necessary and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge related to body therapy. [...]


Do you want to learn more about Nutrition? You've come to the right place [...]

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Koffeure Training Academy has helped style-savvy students get the hands-on training and personal support it takes to launch successful careers in beauty and cosmetology

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