About Us

Koffeure Lounge & Academy

To Your Tomorrow !

Koffeure Lounge & Academy is a brainchild of ex-luxury hoteliers who have created a unique blend of exquisite hospitality & salonservices under oneroof. The word Koffeure is derived from a French word Coiffure [kwah-fyoo rz French kwa-fyr] which means ""a style of" arranging the hair.

Our patron's love for coffee prompted us to blend our hospitality experience with our brand and Koffeure was designed.

"The only thing we want to see in you is ""Dedication"".To be excellent at anything one needs determination and" "dedication.To achieve any goalyou certainly need to work towards it.We will train you to make your future more promising and fruitful.Our dedicated faculty hold some eminent positions intheir fieldand hence,would surely be" a guiding light to your budding future.

Our Mission And Vision

Koffeure aims to create the trendsetters of tomorrow . Makeup and hair styling represent unique forms of creativity and expression and help define the persona a nd style of an individual.

At Koffeure we aim to define the talents of such passionate artists who wish to take their beauty orientations and creativity to another level. We bring to you the best of the mentors from all over the country to train and enhance your maquillage conceptsfurther.

With the Koffeure Training Academy, we try andinculcate an in-depth understanding of the international cosmetic technology along with the basic concepts of beauty & skincar e catering to the specific needs of Indian skin and hair. We aim to mould our students in a comprehensive manner that helps them make the best of their f uture o pportunities and endeavours.